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About TraiNet 1.58.000


Welcome to TraiNet, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) internet-based tool for gathering and reporting data on USAID exchanges, training and education, and for maintaining compliance with U.S. Government Visa requirements.

Entering information in TraiNet will create a record of USAID-sponsored exchange visitors in USAID's database, and it is the first step in the process of requesting a DS-2019 visa request form so that your exchange visitor can secure a USAID J-1 visa. TraiNet also allows users to keep information about a participant up-to-date throughout the life of his or her program.

With TraiNet Web you can:

TraiNet Web is USAID's direct link to the Department of HomeLand Security's SEVIS system, and a USAID J Visa DS-2019 form will be generated as a result of the data that is entered. Once the data is entered into TraiNet Web, users will not have to enter the same data a second time into SEVIS.

TraiNet Web also allows you to report In-Country, Third-Country, Regional, and US-Based events.

Once you have assembled the required information, it take less than 10 minutes to enter and submit a complete training/exchange program through TraiNet Web.